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RigNet Update November 2019 Enabling Intelligence. Delivering Results.

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Forward-looking statements and non-gaap measures Certain statements made in this presentation may constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 — that is, statements related to the future, not past, events. Forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and include any statement that does not directly relate to a current or historical fact. In this context, forward-looking statements often address our expected future business and financial performance, and often contain words such as "anticipate," "believe," "intend, “will”, "expect," "plan" or other similar words. Forward-looking statements in this presentation include, without limitation, statements regarding the timing of the closing of future acquisitions, if at all, or the benefits provided by such acquisitions, and margin expectations in our businesses. These forward-looking statements involve certain risks and uncertainties that ultimately may not prove to be accurate. Actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contemplated in our forward-looking statements include, among others: adverse changes in economic conditions in the markets we operate; the extent, timing and overall effects of competition in our industry; the impact of new, emerging or competing technologies; material changes in the communications industry that could adversely affect vendor relationships with equipment and network suppliers and customer relationships with wholesale customers; unfavorable results of litigation or intellectual property infringement claims asserted against us; unanticipated increases or other changes in our future cash requirements; the effects of federal and state legislation, and rules and regulations governing the communications industry; the impact of equipment failure, natural disasters or terrorist acts; and those additional factors set forth under the caption “Risk Factors” and other factors described in our filings with the SEC, including under the section “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” in our Form 10-K for the fiscal period December 31, 2018, which is incorporated by reference herein. RigNet undertakes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances occurring after this presentation. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this presentation. All forward-looking statements are qualified in their entirety by this cautionary statement. In addition to U.S. GAAP financials, this presentation includes certain non-GAAP financial measures. These non-GAAP measures are in addition to, not a substitute for or superior to, measures of financial performance prepared in accordance with GAAP. Definitions of these non-GAAP measures and reconciliations between certain GAAP and non-GAAP measures are included in the appendix to this presentation.

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RigNet at a Glance > 50 Countries > 600 Employees $178.8 MM 9M19 Revenue > 10,000 IoT/SCADA Sites > $35 MM SI Project Backlog > 1,350 Global MCS Sites Enhanced Cybersecurity Including Cyphre Intelie LIVE Real-Time Machine Learning

Slide 4

RigNet’s Strategic Transformation 2016 9M19 Move Up the Stack Expand Across Energy Value Chain Acquire New Capabilities Build Scale Fix and Leverage SI Enter New Verticals Built for the Future of Remote Communications Total Revenue: $178.8 million

Slide 5

RigNet’s Evolving Business Mix Steadily growing contribution from Apps & IoT 12.2% CAGR of contribution from 1Q16 to 3Q19 Continued growth expected driven largely by Intelie Improved performance of SI segment contributing to more opportunities and more revenue MCS segment lower as a percentage of total revenue, but relatively stable and tied to oil and gas recovery % of Quarterly Revenue

Slide 6

3Q19 and Nine Months 2019 Financial Highlights: Solid Performance Total Revenues Segment* Operating Income Gross Margin** Adjusted EBITDA** 3Q19 vs. 3Q18 9M 19 9M 18 $60,993 $13,555 41.5% $11,010 6% 18% 440 bps +26% $178,835 $33,104 39.3% $29,171 0.1% 10% 130 bps +20% $ Thousands * Segments defined as MCS, Apps/IoT, SI ** Note: See Appendix for definitions and calculation of Adjusted EBITDA and Gross Margin Strong performance on Revenues, Operating Income and Adjusted EBITDA

Slide 7

RigNet’s Three Complimentary Business Segments 3Q19 vs. 3Q18 $9,265 $9,673 $42,055 $ Thousands Managed Communication Services Systems Integration Apps & IoT Apps IoT & SCADA Move up stack to deliver higher-value solutions across many verticals Segment* Revenues Increase win rate, manage risk, and expand margins Build scale, leverage efficiencies & bundle with Apps & IoT for pull-through Segment Strategy * Segments defined as MCS, Apps/IoT, SI $7,463 $12,364 $44,943

Slide 8

Current Market Dynamics Equity market uncertainty driven by US/China trade war, BREXIT, and global recession concerns Continued energy sector volatility, particularly offshore Slowly increasing rig utilization, but a long way to go Strong pipeline of large energy projects including LNG and FPSOs Continued cost and margin pressures driving operators’ and service companies’ critical need to digitally transform Increasing technological sophistication of assets and crew welfare drawing more bandwidth Energy companies and infrastructure under ubiquitous cyber threat Real-time machine learning coming of age

Slide 9

Managed Communications Services (MCS) 1,386 1,175 1,171 1,199 1,350 +3% Year on Year 70% of 9M19 revenues; 36-40% margins End-to-end service assuring maximum uptime, reliability and security that enables: Fully-managed voice and data networks Video surveillance and collaboration Real-time operational monitoring Data protection (Cyphre) Machine learning (Intelie) Own and install communications infrastructure Satellite backhaul with L, C, Ka, and Ku bands, fiber, microwave, cellular, and cellular Bundling Intelie and Cypher with MCS creating competitive advantage with customers 1,297 1,323 1,360 1,384 RigNet’s 3Q19 Offshore Rig Split RNET’s Share of FPSO Market 3Q19 Offshore Global Rig Market Share Source: Company, RigLogix

Slide 10

MCS Offshore Segment Dynamics Jackup Market Utilization (Built after 2000) Source: SpareBank1 Markets; SBM; Rystad Energy Drillship Market Utilization Good utilization for modern rigs with increasing data needs Continued improvement in floater market despite oil volatility Projected FPSO Project FID Largely projected for South America with Petrobras as the leading operator by a wide margin RigNet has won 17 FPSOs in last 36 months, including 10 with Petrobras High data intensity Expected new FPSO Construction Awards Despite a challenging equity market, offshore activity has continued to be stable or slightly increasing Newer, higher specification rigs are preferred. These assets are generally more ‘connected,’ requiring higher bandwidth as well as creating pull-through opportunities for additional RigNet solutions Offshore production investment has resumed after a multi-year pause, with more than 30 FPSOs expected to be approved for construction over the next three years

Slide 11

RNET Owned US GoM Infrastructure Coverage RNET WiMax/Microwave Coverage Largest over-water digital microwave communications network in the world built > 10 years ago Backbone built on 56 fully-owned and managed nodes on fixed and floating platforms in the central GoM Over 24,000 square miles of coverage Supports more than 85 oil and gas customers including Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil, etc. Multiple nested rings; stabilized solutions for floating platforms with VSAT failover RNET / TMOB LTE Coverage Installed in 2018/2019 in a partnership between RNET and T-Mobile IP-based technology 4G and 5G enabled; Voice and data 600/700 MHz frequencies for greatest penetration and propagation Covers over 60,000 square miles for B2B applications; more than twice as far RNET’s traditional WiMax RNET and T-Mobile split revenue from roaming consumers (commercial and private); free to T-Mobile customers RNET able to offer private B2B LTE networks to industrial customers

Slide 12

Systems Integration (SI) 16% of 9M19 Revenues $35 million in project backlog as of 9/30/19 Fully-managed turnkey capital integration projects Voice and data communications, radio, safety, and security subsystems Early Works and Permanent Plant systems/infrastructure Delivering SI solutions for more than 40 years with over 160 executed projects globally Onshore and Offshore – for new and existing assets Platforms, FPSOs, Refineries, LNG and Ethane Cracker facilities Margin expansion opportunities as we focus on efficiencies and improved project management (mid-20% - 30%+ depending on project) Successfully converting projects into recurring revenue business EPCs Operators

Slide 13

RigNet’s Apps & IoT: a rapidly growing segment Solutions One of the largest IoT/SCADA footprints in North America operating SkyEdge I and SkyEdge II Global leader in SCADA M2M traffic  Solutions harness and protect mission-critical information to enhance business performance : Intelie collects and analyzes operational data to drive real-time mission-critical decisions that optimize business performance Cyphre©, with BlackTIE ® Technology, provides best-in-class data protection and cybersecurity Adaptive Video Intelligence (AVI) uses lower bandwidth to stream high-quality video content CrewConnect™ portfolio provides internet and infotainment services to crews in remote locations MetOcean Systems provide accurate, reliable weather data $ million +140% +65% Apps & IoT is currently RigNet’s fastest growing segment Positioned to become the growth engine of the company; not reliant upon MCS growth Competitively distinctive 14% of 9M19 revenues; margins at 50%+ 3Q19 Split: 55% IoT; 45% Apps

Slide 14

Cybersecurity: RigNet’s ECS Protects Critical Infrastructure RigNet SOC handled w/o customer Direct customer help to stop attack BitSight scores are a standard measure of network security Advanced Intermediate Basic BitSight Rating 350 incidents direct at energy companies between 2011- 2015 RigNet Average of Top 2 Global Field Services Average of Top 3 Energy VSAT Providers (excluding RigNet) Average of Top 3 Energy LTE Providers (excluding RigNet) 730 597 391 313

Slide 15

Commercializing Intelie LIVE Platform for real-time, advanced analytics “Intelie is to real-time, machine learning what Excel is to financial analysis” Safety/Environment Operations Non-Energy Energy Hourly/daily sales predictions 2010 ATM fraud detection 2010 Mud weight prediction in pre-salt 2013 Planning Basic Well Design 2016 Maritime vessel fuel prediction, fuel loss prevention 2015 Drilling ROP prediction 2016 Emissions monitoring and prediction 2016 Drilling NPT reduction/ problem insight 2016 Drilling safety enhancement 2018 Pressure pumping monitoring and maintenance 2018 Drillship DP monitoring 2018 People and asset tracking 2018 BOP negative pressure testing 2018 Car rental monitoring 2013 Manufacturing utilities monitoring and optimization 2019 Plus: Multiple additional Super-majors Major onshore pressure pumping company Non-energy companies SEEDS Drilling, Workover & Completion 2017 Well Barrier 2018 Not comprehensive

Slide 16

Intelie Use Cases Three specific use cases: Diagnostics for subsea BOPs Fuel management for seagoing vessels Pressure integrity at the wellhead Intelie can not only be accessed in the office or a real-time operations center, live dashboards can be accessed directly from a user’s Apple or Android phone. For a demonstration, use your phone to take a picture of the QR code and go to the website.

Slide 17

Intelie Use Cases—Flywheel Effect from SI RigNet has partnered with Certified Safety to deliver the Connected Worker Initiative (CWI) to GCCV, a large petrochemical plan being built on the Gulf Coast. The technology combines Intelie LIVE with a digital tracking badge that will enable workers to monitor and respond in real-time to situations that include: Man down, including summoning emergency personnel Zone violation, to ensure personnel don’t enter unauthorized areas Muster alerts, to notify, guide, and account for workers in the event of an emergency The system also delivers KPI reports to establish baselines and track performance. Connected Worker Initiative Improve on-site communication Enhance safety / security Tighten teamwork Help remove obstacles Improve processes

Slide 18

Digital transformation strategies driving increased need for “ultra-secure” bandwidth and actionable intelligence Unique, holistic, end-to-end solutions provider with a growing portfolio of advanced technology & software, services, and expertise Leading position in oil and gas with growing presence in other verticals Global footprint with expanding universe of significant long-term, regional partnerships Increasing revenues and EBITDA margins Rapidly growing Apps & IoT differentiation Focus on deleveraging and strengthening balance sheet RigNet delivers the advanced software, optimized industry solutions, and ultra-secure communications infrastructure that allows the oil and gas industry, and others, to finally realize the business results of digital transformation. RigNet: Well-Positioned for Further Success

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15115 Park Row, Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77084 | USA www.rig.net NASDAQ: RNET Investor Contact: Lee M. Ahlstrom SVP & CFO 281.674.0100

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RigNet Non-GAAP Reconciliation Adjusted EBITDA Adjusted EBITDA is a financial measure that is not calculated in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP.  We refer you to the Company’s recent 10-K filing for the year ended December 31, 2018 for a more detailed discussion of the uses and limitations of Adjusted EBITDA. We define Adjusted EBITDA as net loss plus interest expense, income tax expense (benefit), depreciation and amortization, impairment of goodwill, intangibles, property, plant and equipment, (gain) loss on sales of property, plant and equipment, net of retirements, change in fair value of earn-outs and contingent consideration, stock-based compensation, acquisition costs, executive departure costs, restructuring charges and non-recurring items.  Gross Margin We define Gross Margin for any period as the difference between Revenues and Costs of Revenues (excluding Depreciation and Amortization); that difference divided by Revenues.

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Executive Management Steve Pickett CEO & President Joined May 2016 Brendan Sullivan Chief Technology/ Information Officer Joined May 2017 Brad Eastman SVP, General Counsel Joined November 2017 Jay Hilbert SVP, Global Sales Joined November 2016 Ed Traupman VP/GM, Products & Services Joined November 2016 Egbert Clarke VP, Operations Joined July 2017 Lance Smith VP, Cyphre Joined May 2017 Lelio Souza VP, Intelie Joined March 2018 Jackson Markley VP, Corporate Development Joined June 2018 Lee M. Ahlstrom SVP & CFO Joined August 2018 Keith Frederick Chief Information Security Officer Joined November 2017 Jamie Barnett Rear Admiral USN (Retired) SVP, Government Services Joined January 2019

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RigNet’s Apps & IoT: Why Invest? Addressable Digital Oilfield Market Significant scale: “…the digital oilfield market is poised to surpass US $30.7 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% from 2015.”1 Customer Value Fewer people: “… the changes could reduce the number of jobs [done by a well logger] by more than 25%...”2 Better decisions: “what we’re trying to do is help the people who make the decisions to make those decisions with additional support from the intelligence that we’ve created.”3 Lower costs: “The company’s production unit … has reduced its noncontractor workforce by 40%, largely through technology updates, and has cut lease operating expenses 48% since 2014.…”2 https://www.ogj.com/articles/ogfj/print/volume-14/issue-9/features/the-next-generation-digital-oilfield.html https://www.wsj.com/articles/oils-new-technology-spells-end-of-boom-for-roughnecks-1531233085 https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2019/01/18/the-incredible-ways-shell-uses-artificial-intelligence-to-help-transform-the-oil-and-gas-giant/#29c278392701 https://www.bcg.com/publications/2019/digital-value-oil-gas.aspx Opportunity for Savings in Upstream Alone is Significant4

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RigNet’s Cyphre Products: RigNet’s Cyphre technology delivers next generation network and data security CyphreLINK CyphreLOCK CyphreCERT CyphreKey management Cyphre Enterprise Channel Partners: Unique, fully-managed service providing powerful encryption for data in-transit, data at-rest, and encryption keys Delivers best-in-class encryption on all network types (satellite, public internet, private WAN, cloud, etc.) In satellite applications, hardware solution saves ~20 - 40% bandwidth over traditional software encryption solutions with ultra-low latency Always-on protection with “set and forget” administration No switching costs; easily integrated into existing data protection technologies Channel partners reselling Cyphre in USA, AsiaPacific, and MENA